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Download the annual report, the most recent audited financials, and the investment policy statement.

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Account Forms

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Fund Fact Sheets

Learn the historic return data, portfolio insights and weightings, and asset allocations for the WELS Funds. Click on the blue “download” buttons below to view, download, and print each Fund Fact sheet.

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Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view or download our WELS Investment Funds videos.

Overview videos
These two videos provide an overview of WELS Investment Funds and show how we can be your strong partner to help you achieve your ministry goals.

Quarterly webinar videos
Each quarter, our investors tune into our 30-minute webinars that feature our investment consultants from Vanguard as they deliver a quarterly market recap, an investment performance review for the WELS Funds, and Vanguard’s market and economic outlook. The webinars also include an informative Q&A featuring current issues impacting the markets.

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Q&A videos
These videos feature specific investment questions that are answered during our quarterly update webinars.

Market uncertainty videos
These brief videos offer helpful information for our investors regarding how to respond during times of market uncertainty.

  • Responding to market uncertainty (full video with Parts 1-3)
  • Part 1: The effects of market volatility on endowment portfolios
  • Part 2: Revisiting your asset allocations during market downturns
  • Part 3: Responding to rising inflation

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